The Columbiette Emblem


The Columbiettes meet, at the Council Hall, on the 3rd Thursday of the month starting at 7:30 PM

Current Officers 2019-2020

President -  Jacqueline Piropato 

Vice President -  Theresa Lofaro  

Secretary - Cathy Pfaff

Financial Secretary - Debbie Finke

Treasurer - Agatha Piropato

Sentinel - Karen Sheehan 

Chaplain - Rev. Monsignor Joseph Mirro

Past Presidents

Susan Susco 2018-2019

Karen Sheehan 2016-2018

Jackie Piropato 2013-2016

The meaning of Columbiettes

The Columbiette emblem includes a blue circle that represents the world. The

rays going out from the cross reflect our desire to serve God through faith,

hope and charity. Those three virtues are symbolized by the three white stars

underneath the cross.

The very word COLUMBIETTES incorporates our objectives as follows:

- COOPERATE and work with the Knights of Columbus.

- OFFER opportunity to participate in an active and militant program for women.

- LEND assistance to the needy.

- UNITE all Catholic women in converted action.

- MEET with members of other Auxiliaries.

- BELONG to an organization identified wit h the Knights of Columbus.

- INSPIRE action in Civic and Community.

- EDUCATE Catholic women to the need of the hour.

- TRAIN others to carry on.

- TAKE active interest in legislative matters that affect the Catholic way of life.

- ENJOY fun in fraternity.

- SERVE God and Country .

What we do

The Columbiettes are a unified body of Catholic women who work side-by-side

with the Knights of Columbus.  We care and we share.  The activities and

projects of our Order have been originated, developed and supported by our

membership. Deep religious convictions are evident in all we do. Following are

some of the Columbiettes’ activities:


Frequent Mass attendance

Sponsoring school activities

Eucharistic Ministry

CCD Teacher Volunteers

Dress A Girl Around the World

Improvement and accomplishing change in a rapidly changing world is

dependent on a strong force of dedicated, Catholic women. The Columbiettes

have taken a vital stand on issues, which are devastating to human life.


Drug Abuse

Child Abuse

Voice in the Wilderness

The Columbiettes were once a “Voice in the Wilderness” but time and effort

have brought some response to that voice.  Uncountable hours have been

spent in letting our adversaries know how we feel.

Legislators have been bombarded with letters of protest, lobbying has been

utilized; speakers have been employed to debate the issues with opponents.

Volunteers have spent unending hours working with unwed mothers, providing

them with encouragement and everyday needs.

Campaigns to alleviate drugs are on going. There is constant action to eliminate

child abuse, euthanasia and pornography. We do care for all people and share

of ourselves to make a better life for all.

Columbiettes are a gregarious group. The benefits from membership are

many – spiritual, moral, educational and social.  Social activities are a necessary

part of life. “No man is an island.”  Such activities are not only enjoyable and

make for lasting friendships but are most helpful in providing the financial

where-with-all to support, materially, the programs and projects undertaken

by the organization.

Show us you care.  Share your talents with us.  Email  Jacqueline Piropato, our President, if you are interested at